Back in the Director’s Chair, Carolyn Cantor ’93 Comes Full Circle

The alumna returned to Dartmouth to participate in the New York Theatre Workshop.

Read the full story, published by Dartmouth Alumni News.

When theater director Carolyn Cantor ’93 returned to Dartmouth this month, she set foot in the Hop’s rehearsal rooms for the first time since graduation. The feeling was surreal, she says. “So much of my college experience was spent in this building,” she says, sitting in the Hop lobby between rehearsals. “It feels like five minutes ago, and also a lifetime ago.”

It’s been 26 years. In 1993, the young Dartmouth alumna—armed with an English degree, a few drama classes, and years of extracurricular theater experience—moved to New York to pursue acting. She spent several years working in theater, film, and assisting before a mentor nudged her toward directing. Cantor has since gone on to direct dozens of plays, with a focus on Off-Broadway productions.