Class of 2021 Welcomed at Geisel

Ninety-two first-year students have arrived in Hanover for orientation.

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Ninety-two members of the Geisel School of Medicine’s 221st class were enthusiastically welcomed to Hanover by the Dartmouth community as part of this year’s orientation for incoming medical students, which runs from August 7-11.

The first-year medical students are participating in a variety of orientation activities this week, which include team-building exercises, social events, and a community service day where they do volunteer work with local organizations.

Geisel Dean Duane Compton, PhD, began orientation with the inspirational quote, “Don’t live life as a spectator,” from Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner, who is best known for his daring jump from a helium balloon in Earth’s upper atmosphere.

“Your time of being a passive learner is over,” said Compton. “I urge you to take every opportunity you have during medical school to reach out and help others, to be active and engaged in what you’re doing, and to make the most of your time here.”