Social Media Captures Commencement Journey: #Dartmouth14

Grad selfies, posts about Shonda Rhimes ’91 and her Commencement Address, photos of glowing grads with friends and family: social media has been buzzing with updates on the 2014 Dartmouth Commencement, which was held on a beautiful June 8 morning. Dartmouth followed all the Commencement happenings with the hashtag #Dartmouth14.

Here are some of our favorite posts:

Shonda Rhimes ’91 kept us up-to-date on her moments leading up to her address to the Class of 2014.

  And then revealed what she was up to after the ceremony was over.

It has become a Commencement tradition for programs and copies of Dartmouth Life to be transformed into sun hats, and a couple of social media users picked up on the trend.

  It seems that at every Commencement, students push the envelope for the most creative graduation cap art. So many great grad selfies. There were about 13,500 people at the 2014 Commencement.   A little tough love from one Twitter user.

These two grads jumped on the opportunity to have their 15 minutes—or three seconds—of fame.

  These soon to-be-married grads shared a kiss following Commencement:   In general, excitement was at an all-time high.

And let's not forget about the family members who traveled from near and far to see their graduates.

A newly minted grad says a sad goodbye to Hanover the day after Commencement.

Social media users all over the country praised Shonda Rhimes' speech, including Kerry Washington from Scandal. Yes, you heard right.

  Overall, Dartmouth couldn't be prouder of the Class of 2014 graduates and knows they are destined—or already heading for—great things. //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //--> //-->
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