Dartmouth Discovery: Grants

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $2.2 million in new and competing awards during March 2013, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects.

Associate Professor of Physics and Astronomy Robyn Millan, shown above with graduate student Brett Anderson, is working with Professor of Physics and Astronomy Kristina Lynch on a three-year project sponsored by the University of New Hampshire. (Photo by Eli Burakian ’00)

March 2013 Research Awards

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.

Lisa Adams, P. Palumbo, E. Talbot, R. Waddell, C. von Reyn—Medicine

Sponsoring agency: Program for Appropriate Technology in Health

Project: “TB IQC, TB Tsk Order 2015”

Nine-month project

William Black—Radiology

Sponsoring agency: American College of Radiology

Project: “ACRIN 6654 Medicare Data Analysis Subaward Agreement”

Francois Dorais—Mathematics

Sponsoring agency: Alfred P. Sloan Foundation

Project: “MathOverflow”

Alan Eastman—Pharmacology and Toxicology and N. Khan—Radiology

Sponsoring agency: National Cancer Institute

Project: “Mechanisms of Sensitivity to Cell Cycle Checkpoint Inhibitors”

Five-year project

Kevin Evans—College Forester Office

Sponsoring agency: USDA, Natural Resources Conservation Service

Project: “EQIP Program: Old Roadway Reclamation and Bronto Work”

56-month project

Rory Gawler—Outdoor Programs

Sponsoring agency: Fields Pond Foundation

Project: “Smarts Mountain Trail Maintenance”

Four-month project

Paul Gorman—Psychiatry

Sponsoring agency: Vermont Department of Health

Project: “Vermont State Hospital Consultation”

Four-month project

Alan Green, D. Gulick and J. Khokhar—Psychiatry

Sponsoring agency: Novartis Pharmaceuticals Corporation

Project: “Iloperidone for the Treatment of Alcohol Use Disorder in Schizophrenia:  A Preclinical

Study in Alcohol-Preferring Rodents”

15-month project

Alan Gustman—Economics

Sponsoring agency: University of Michigan

Project: “The Social Security Windfall Elimination & Government Pension Offset Provisions for Public Employees in the Health and Retirement Study”

Todd Heatherton—Psychological and Brain Sciences

Sponsoring agency: National Cancer Institute

Project: “Neural Predictors of Real World Appetitive and Addictive Behaviors”

Four-year project

P. Jack Hoopes—Surgery

Sponsoring agency: Ethicon Endo-Surgery, Inc.

Project: “Ethicon Training Course”

14-month project

Kristina Lynch and R. Millan—Physics & Astronomy

Sponsoring agency: University of New Hampshire

Project: “UNH-Dartmouth NASA EPSCoR”

Three-year project

John Moeschler—Pediatrics

Sponsoring agency: University of New Hampshire

Project: “A University Affiliated Program in New Hampshire”

Rachel Obbard—Thayer School of Engineering

Sponsoring agency: National Science Foundation

Project: “Bromide in Snow in the Sea Ice Zone”

Three-year project

Andrew Pachner—Neurology

Sponsoring agency: The Sanofi-Aventis Group

Project: “Teriflunomide and Disability Progression in an Animal Model of MS”

Keith Paulsen—Thayer School of Engineering

Sponsoring agency: National Cancer Institute

Project: “Combined Breast Tomosynthesis and Near Infrared Spectroscopy for Cancer Detection”

Four-year project

Eugene Santos—Thayer School of Engineering and G. Cybenko—Electrical and Computer Engineering

Sponsoring agency: Arctan, Inc.

Project: “Detecting Manipulation of the Trading Mechanisms and Instruments Used for Financial Securities”

Anna Shubina—Institute for Security, Technology, and Society

Sponsoring agency: Milcord Incorporated

Project: “VPN Underground: Fingerprinter Tool & Guidelines to Limit Identifying VPN Traces”

Five-month project

Rachel Silver—Office of the Provost

Sponsoring agency: The Bernard Osher Foundation

Project: “ILEAD Program Support”

Mark Splaine—The Dartmouth Institute for Health Policy and Clinical Practice, P. Batalden—Pediatrics and G. Ogrinc—Medicine

Sponsoring agency: Veterans Administration

Project: “Development of a VA National Quality Scholars Program”

Timothy Stablein—Institute for Security, Technology, and Society and K. Loud—Pediatrics

Sponsoring agency: Agency for Healthcare Research & Quality

Project: “Privacy in Practice: The Role of EHRs in Pediatrician Interactions with Patients”

18-month project

Scott Williams—Institute for Quantitative Biomedical Sciences

Sponsoring agency: Vanderbilt University

Project: “Pharmacogenetics of ACE inhibitor-Associated Angioedema”

35-month project

Michael Zegans—Surgery

Sponsoring agency: University of California, San Francisco

Project: “Mycotic Ulcer Treatment Trial and TANA II ”