Trending Topics: What’s Everyone Reading?

Did you catch these stories on Dartmouth Now? Each week, we give you another chance to keep up with the stories that are capturing our readers’ attention. The following five stories were the most viewed from September 28 through October 4.

Dartmouth Experts Weigh In on Upcoming Presidential Debates

Professors and alumni talk about presidential debates and media coverage of the events, as Barack Obama and Mitt Romney gear up for their first of three exchanges.


Dartmouth Alumna Terry Plank ’85 Named MacArthur Fellow

Plank, a geochemist at Columbia University, is one of 23 recipients of a 2012 "genius grant."


Dartmouth Smartphone App Targets Driver Safety

Dartmouth computer science faculty, students, and international colleagues have created a new Android app that detects dangerous driving behavior using dual-cameras on smartphones.


The Hanover Inn at Dartmouth Welcomes Conferences to New Hayward Room

The Hanover Inn has been booking conference after conference since it opened its new Hayward Room, the most recently completed stage of the renovation of the Inn.


A World of Possibilities

The D-Plan offers student-athletes a chance for an international education.


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