September 2010 Research Awards

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $11.5 million during September, including $7.9 million in new and competing awards.  Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Austin, Martha — Institute for Information Infrastructure Protection

Dept. of Commerce, National Institute of Standards and Technology

Assessing and Enhancing the Action-Awareness Framework

Bailey-Kellogg, Christopher — Computer Science

National Science Foundation

III: Small: Collaborative Research: Analysis of Multi-Dimensional Protein Design Spaces with Pareto Optimization of Experimental Designs

3-Year Project

Baker, Ian, T. Gerngross, K. Griswold, K. Paulsen, B. Pogue, F. Shubitidze, C. Sullivan — Thayer School of Engineering, E. Demidenko — Community & Family Medicine, P. Kaufman, L. Lewis — Medicine, J. Conejo-Garcia, S. Fiering, M. J. Turk — Microbiology & Immunology, J. Weaver — Radiology, C. Daghlian — Rippel Electron Microscope Facility, P. J. Hoopes — Surgery

National Cancer Institute

Dartmouth Center for Cancer Nanotechnology Excellence

5-Year Project

Bartels, Stephen — Psychiatry

Health Resources and Services Administration

Innovating Geriatric Education with Technology

Becker, Deborah, L. Flint — Community & Family Medicine

Vermont Department of Health

Technical Assistance & Training for Vermont's Adult & Youth Mental Health Employment Programs

Bucci, David — Psychological and Brain Sciences

National Institute on Drug Abuse

Nicotinic Acetylcholine Receptors and Inhibitory Behavior

4-Year Project

Crane, Philippe — Physics & Astronomy

National Aeronautics and Space Administration

IPA at NASA Headquarters

Drake, Robert, P. Gorman — Psychiatry, P. Bush — Community & Family Medicine

WLT Consulting, LLC

Evaluation of Peer Support and Traditional Mental Health Services

6-Month Project

Gerber, Scott — Genetics

Thermo Finnigan LLC

Development and Evaluation of Performance Enhancements for SEQUEST

6-Month Project

Gulick, Danielle — Psychiatry

National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism

Effects of Clozapine and Haloperidol on Responding

Hawley, Robert — Earth Sciences

National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research:  Deglaciation of the Ross Sea Embayment; Constraints from Roosevelt Island

4-Year Project

Irwin, Rebecca — Biological Sciences

Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

Digitizing the Bee Collection of the Rocky Mountain Biological Laboratory

LaBelle, James, M. Hudson, M. Pavone — Physics & Astronomy, R. Birnie — Earth Sciences, S. Shepherd — Thayer School of Engineering

University of New Hampshire

New Hampshire Space Grant Consortium

5-Year Project

Liby, Karen, M. Sporn — Pharmacology & Toxicology

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Preclinical and Brief Exposure Early Clinical Evaluation of an Oral PARP Inhibitor for Breast Cancer Prevention in BRCA Mutation Carriers

Lowrey, Christopher — Medicine, C. Hahn — Pharmacology & Toxicology

American Society of Hemotology

ASH Trainee Research Award

Moore, Jason — Genetics, A. Andrew, M. Karagas — Community & Family Medicine

National Library of Medicine

Machine Learning Prediction of Cancer Susceptibility

5-Year Project

Norris, L Frances — Psychiatry

Veterans Administration

IPA Agreement

9-Month Project

Norris, L Frances — Psychiatry

Veterans Administration

IPA Claudine Louis

9-Month Project

Norris, L Frances — Psychiatry

Veterans Administration

IPA Kathleen Sherrieb

9-Month Project

Ray, Laura, M. Albert — Thayer School of Engineering

National Science Foundation

Collaborative Research:  Cool Robot to Support Greenland Science Campaigns

3-Year Project

Rees, Judith, T. Onega — Community & Family Medicine


Assessment of Central Cancer Registry Linkage with All Payers Claims Databases

3-Year Project

Robinson, Siobhan — Psychiatry

National Institute of Mental Health

Functional Neurobiology of the Retrosplenial Cortex during Associative Learning

3-Year Project

Roebuck, Bill — Pharmacology & Toxicology

University of Pittsburgh

Molecular Mechanisms of Chemoprevention: NRF2 Signaling

9-Month Project

Santos, Eugene — Thayer School of Engineering

University of Texas El Paso

Intent-Driven Behavioral Modeling of Cross-Border Epidemic Spread

Shaiko, Ronald — Government, A. Samwick — Rockefeller Center

Department of Education, FIPSE

Public Policy--In and Out of the Classroom, On and Off Campus: The Rockefeller Center Policy Research Shop at Dartmouth College

3-Year Project

Waddell, Richard — Medicine, S. Adams — Committee for the Protection of Human Subjects

Fogarty International Center

Dartmouth/Muhimbili Collaborative IRB Training Program

Wade, William — Microbiology & Immunology

National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases

V. cholerae Proteins are Required for Biofilm Growth-Vaccine Targets

2-Year Project

Webster, D.G. — Environmental Studies

National Science Foundation

CNH: Fishscape: Complex Dynamics of the Eastern Pacific Tuna Fishery

3-Year Project

Whipple, Chery — Medicine

National Cancer Institute

The Role of Glypican-1 in Pancreatic Cancer Development and Progression

3-Year Project

Wira, Charles — Physiology

Women & Infants Hospital

The Role of Mucosal Immunity in Risk of HIV Acquisition during Pregnancy

Wishart, Heather — Psychiatry, G. Fanciullo - Anesthesiology, L. Kasper - Medicine

Dept. of Defense, Army Research Office

Development and Validation of an fMRI Pain Metric for MS

Wright, Peter — Pediatrics

Weill Cornell Medical College

AIDS International Training & Research Program

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated.