November 2009 Research Awards

Dartmouth researchers were awarded $4.7 million during November, including $1.2 million in new and competing awards. Among the recipients of recent new and competing grants, as reported by the Office of Sponsored Projects:

Bucci, David — Psychological and Brain Sciences

University of Vermont

A Translational Approach to Evaluating Physical Activity on ADHD

Demars, Leslie Obstetrics and Gynecology


A Safety Study of GSK Biologicals' HPV (GSK580299) In Female American and Canadian Subjects Who Had Received Control Vaccine In Study 508229/008

5-Month Award

Fadul, Camilo — Medicine

Dana Farber Cancer Institute

Phase II Study of Dose Intense Temozolomide in Recurrent GBM

2-Year Award

Hegel, Mark — Psychiatry

Thomas Jefferson University

Improving Function in AMD Trial (IF-AMD)

Hogan, Deborah — Microbiology & Immunology


The Effects of Biofilm Inhibition on Microbial Virulence

Kaufman, Peter — Medicine

Amgen, Inc.

An Open-Label Study of AMG 386 in Combination with Either Paclitaxel and Trastuzumab or Capecitabine and Lapatinib in Subjects with HER2-Positive Locally

5-Year Award

Koval, Kenneth — Orthopaedics

EBI, L.P. A Biomet Company

Three Treatments for Unstable Distal Radius Fractures - Prospective Randomized Study

8.5-Year Award

Lynch, Kristina — Physics & Astronomy

Department of Defense, Naval Research Laboratory

Low-Energy Ion Measurements of the Near Space Environment

8-Month Award

McGovern, Mark — Psychiatry

Hartford Dispensary

Integrating Combined Therapies vs. Generic Dual Diagnosis Treatment Services in Methadone Maintenance

Mirza, Sohail — The Dartmouth Inst. for Health Policy & Clinical Practice

Oregon Health Sciences University

Complications of Surgery for Spinal Stenosis: A Clinical Prediction Rule

Ornstein, Deborah — Medicine

CSL Behring LLC

A 12 Week, Multicenter, Pharmacokinetic and Safety Study of Human Plasma-Derived Factor XIII Concentrate in Subjects with Congenital Factor XIII Deficiency

2-Year Award

Ornstein, Deborah — Medicine, L. Mckernan — Medicine

University of Massachusetts

Prevention of Complications of Hemophilia


Hemophilia Comprehensive Care

Waddell, Richard — Medicine, C. von Reyn — Medicine

University of Massachusetts Medical Center

New England AIDS Education and Training Center

Williams, Benjamin — Radiology


Development of In Vivo EPR Tooth Dosimetry for Use by Non-Expert Personnel

Wishart, Heather — Psychiatry

National Multiple Sclerosis Society

Imaging Genetics in MS: A Study of Cognitive Outcomes

3-Year Award

Wishart, Heather — Psychiatry, L. Kasper — Medicine

Bayer Pharmaceutical

Effects of Interferon beta-1b (IFN-B) on Cognitive fMRI in Patients with Relapsing-Remitting MS

2-Year Award

Zegans, Michael — Surgery

University of California, San Francisco

Mycotic Ulcer Treatment Trial

Award commitment from the sponsoring agency is for a single year unless otherwise indicated