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Quantum Indeterminacy Workshop

Two-day workshop featuring international scholars. Convened by Professor Peter Lewis. Registration encouraged.

Friday, July 12, 2019
10:00am – 5:00pm
Visual Arts Center 301
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Lectures & Seminars
Registration required.

Dartmouth College, 12-13 July 2019
Convened by Professor Peter Lewis
Registration Encouraged (FREE), Contact: Peter Lewis

The goal of the workshop is to bring together scholars working on the question of whether quantum mechanics requires genuine indeterminacy in the world, and if so, how to understand that indeterminacy. Informally, physicists use various locutions to describe quantum superposition, such as a particle "being in two places at once" or "acting like a wave." But what does this mean? Does it mean that the particle in some sense lacks a  precise location? This has been an area of active recent research, with some scholars arguing for particular accounts of the nature of quantum indeterminacy, and others arguing that, despite appearances, quantum mechanics requires no indeterminacy in the world.

Friday, July 12th

LOCATION: Visual Arts Center 301

Chair: Christina Conroy (Morehead State University)

10:00 Alessandro Torza (National Autonomous University of Mexico): “Quantum Indeterminacy: Metaphysical vs Fundamental”

11:00 Peter Lewis (Dartmouth): “Quantum Indeterminacy for Everyone”


LOCATION: Visual Arts Center 301

Chair: Peter Lewis (Dartmouth)

1:30 David Glick (University of Sydney): “Determinacy as a Desideratum”

2:30 Jessica Wilson (University of Toronto) & Claudio Calosi (University of Geneva): “Quantum Indeterminacy: Reply to Glick”

4:00 Cristian Mariani (Milan), Giuliano Torrengo (Milan), & Robert Michels (University of Geneva): “Plural Metaphysical Supervaluationism”


Saturday, July 13th

LOCATION: Visual Arts Center 301

Chair: David Braddon-Mitchell (University of Sydney)

10:00 James Whitfield (Dartmouth): “Two Sides of the Same Coin: Computation versus Experiment in the Quantum Regime”

11:00 Sam Fletcher (University of Minnesota, Twin Cities) & David Taylor (University of Minnesota): “Little Shallows in the Depths: Indeterminacy in Quantum Theory”


LOCATION: Visual Arts Center 301

Chair: Kristie Miller (University of Sydney)

1:30 Lucas Dunlap (University of Cincinnati): “The Role of Intrinsic Randomness in the Information-Theoretic Interpretation of Quantum Mechanics”

2:30 Christina Conroy (Morehead State University): “Deviant Dependence and Entanglement”

4:00 Michael Miller (University of Toronto): “Worldly Imprecision”

5:00 Marcelo Gleiser (Dartmouth): "Mapping the Quantum Territory"


We would like to thank the following Dartmouth organizations for their generous support of this workshop: Dean’s Venture Fund, Department of Philosophy, Leslie Humanities Center, Associate Dean for Arts and Humanities, and Department of Physics.



For more information, contact:
Prof Peter Lewis

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