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Khulekani Msweli: "Stories of Migration," Art Installation Opening

Artist-in-Residence Khulekani Msweli, 2014 YALI Fellow from Swaziland, opens his art installation "Inzaba Yetfu (Our Story), Stories of Migration" at the Haldeman Center.

Tuesday, January 23, 2018
4:30pm – 6:00pm
Russo Gallery, Haldeman Center
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Arts, Exhibitions

Thanks to a generous gift by the Dartmouth Class of 1957, the Dickey Center welcomes back to campus Mr. Khulekani Msweli of Swaziland. Khulekani was a 2014 Young African Leadership Fellow at Dartmouth. He returns for the month of January to work on a temporary art installation on the Haldeman Center back lawn on the theme of migration. A fashion designer and fine artist by training, he is also a community activist who is eager to share more about his work and culture with students and faculty during his residency at Dartmouth.


EXHIBIT: Inzaba Yetfu (Our Story), Stories of Migration

Opening reception: Tuesday, January 23, 4:30pm, Russo Gallery, Haldeman Center

Exhibit runs: Tuesday, January 23 - Thursday, January 25 on the Haldeman Center's back lawn

"The installation offers a very harsh reality of the times we live in, a refugee camp, not knowing what tomorrow will bring. The ‘tent’ made from used clothes in America and some from Swaziland will try to deal with our fears. Which clothes belong to a Swazi and which belong to an American? It’s quite hard to tell, thus it could be anyone that could be faced with living in a refugee camp.

"The ‘laundry’ that is being aired, within the installation, is a mirror of my realities, good and bad, but ones that require close assessment and interrogation. These are my stories and those of migrants."

Khulekani Msweli

For more on Khulekani's work, watch the video "Art in Embassies: Swaziland," created for the US State Department.

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