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ENGS 21 Intro to Engineering Prototype Demonstrations

Introduction to Engineering students show off their project prototypes that they have worked incredibly hard on this term. Show your support and come check them out!

Tuesday, November 14, 2017
Thayer School of Engineering, GlycoFi Atrium
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Exhibitions


Each Intro to Engineering project group was responsible for selecting a problem to Improve the Quality of Life, determining the magnitude of the problem, determining the specifications associated with a satisfactory solution, generating a set of potential alternative approaches, and selecting an approach. They were then expected to develop a prototype, test the prototype, develop a venture proposal, and present the prototype and venture proposal to the Review Board. 

Fall 2017 Projects Include: 

  • Adjustable base for longboard truck
  • Centrifugal emergency brake for child bicycles
  • Convenient ski clip-on for carrying ski equipment
  • Attachable bike cup holder that uses gyroscopic motion
  • Modified silicon potholder
  • Device that sounds built-in alarm at a pre-set bedtime until user places their phone in device
  • Retractable ball bearing wheels for chairs
  • Wheel for walkers that is adaptable to a variety of surfaces
  • Sliding stair crate for bringing boxes up and down stairs
  • Water dispensing attachment for athetlic trainers to fill a set of water bottles
  • Earbud accessory to keep earbuds in place while exercising
  • Strainer to make additive-free almond milk at home
  • Cooling display case for farmers market vendors
  • Bar for passengers with lower body mobility restrictions to safetly enter and exit a vehicle
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Haley Tucker

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