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Film: "Into the Light"

A new documentary that examines the stigma around mental illness and PTSD. Discussion follows with director Charles Stuart '66. FREE

Tuesday, October 17, 2017
Visual Arts Center 104 Loew Auditorium
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Discussion follows with Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen and director Charles Stuart ’66

Into the Light is a one-hour PBS documentary that focuses on Sgt. Brendan O'Toole USMC and his struggle to adjust back home after returning from war. As he sets out to run across America to raise awareness about post-traumatic stress and “find goodness in himself," Brendan meets therapist and activist Dr. Barbara Van Dahlen. 

As she works with Brendan and thousands of veterans across the country, Barbara comes to the realization that she needs to share her own story. Her mother had a psychotic break when Barbara was a young girl and she has not seen her in more than 40 years. Not only does Barbara tell her story publically for the first time, she decides to try to find her mom. Filmed over the course of two years, the film captures Brendan’s epic run and the dramatic discovery of Barbara’s search. D: Charles Stuart, US, 2017, 1h

Into the Light hopes to jumpstart a national conversation about mental health with the goal of reducing the shame and stigma which surrounds 1 in 5 Americans who suffer from a diagnosable form of mental illness. For more information, visit timetotalkaboutmentalhealth.com

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