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Exhibit: Reality to Abstraction - A Photographic Journey of Perception

Mary Gerakaris attempts to share the mystery and beauty around us in both natural and manmade objects

Thursday, January 12, 2017
7 Lebanon Street, Suite 107, Hanover, NH
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Arts, Exhibitions

Open: January 10 – February 24

7 Lebanon St, Suite 107 in Hanover
Monday thru Thursday • 8:30 – 4:30 PM
Fridays • 8:30 – 1:00 PM

Since childhood I have been intrigued by Nature's beauty. There are naturally occurring colors, textures and exquisite patterns that man can only hope to duplicate. I am fascinated also by the patterns that evolve in aging buildings and architectural details. This show represents my visions conjured by my perception of what I see.

I attempt to share the mystery and beauty around us in both natural and manmade objects. I cannot, nor do I want to compete with what Nature has created, but simply freeze a special moment. I compose with my camera, altering color as minimally as possible, and occasionally eliminating it because the pattern stands by itself. Playing with size, the way the photos are mounted, printed and framed adds a little question mark...an extra hint of mystery. Please enjoy the journey.

"The most beautiful thing we can experience is the mysterious. It is the source of all true art and all science. He to whom this emotion is a stranger, who can no longer pause to wonder and stand rapt in awe, is as good as dead: his eyes are closed." -Albert Einstein

This is free and open to the public.

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Laura Belback

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