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Attention Student Leaders: Apply Now to Facilitate the Dartmouth L.A.B. program

The impact you have on underclass students is the most important legacy you will leave at Dartmouth.

Sunday, July 20, 2014
Intended Audience(s): Public, Students-Undergraduate
Categories: Clubs & Organizations, Free Food, Workshops & Training
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As a student leader, here is your opportunity to mentor First-Year students and contribute positively to the future of Dartmouth. We would like to encourage you to apply for a facilitator position to lead the 2014-2015 Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors Program, co-sponsored by the Rockefeller Center and the Collis Center. See the description below.
Your involvement will include the following:

  • Fall Term: five 2-hour training sessions that will prepare you as a team to lead discussions.
  • Winter Term: you will facilitate four 2-hour sessions for first-year students

As a facilitator, you will be able to make a lasting impact on the Dartmouth community by leading reflection exercises and insightful discussions that are essential to personal growth as both a student and a community member. Please access the student facilitator application by using this link.
We hope you will join us in our commitment to help first-year students make the most of their Dartmouth experience.
Dartmouth L.A.B. (Dartmouth Leadership Attitudes and Behaviors) is a student-facilitated program designed to offer first-year students an opportunity for profound self-reflection and challenging discussion in a practical setting. Through this program, participants will be taught to recognize their "true self" and how this relates to who they are striving to be, to analyze and apply the relationship between perception, intent, and impact and to align their core values with the greater community.

For more information, contact:
Robin Frye

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