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45th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle

May 28-31, 2014. All day. Open to the Dartmouth community. Sponsored by the Leslie Humanities Center and the Department of Philosophy.

Saturday, May 31, 2014
All Day
041 Haldeman
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Conferences

The conference focuses on presenting and discussing recent work in Husserl and phenomenology research.

The Husserl Circle was founded in 1969. Since then, it has been one of the leading international scholarly organizations supporting new research in phenomenology and Husserl studies. The members meet annually to share their most recent work, building on the research tradition founded by Edmund Husserl. The annual meetings encourage substantial intellectual exchanges among phenomenologists resulting in further publications and projects. The Circle has over 100 international members, approximately 50 of whom attend the annual meeting, which takes place alternatively in Europe and the United States. It is my pleasure to announce that the 45th Annual Meeting of the Husserl Circle will be held at Dartmouth College this spring. For additional information regarding all aspects of the meeting, please make sure to visit the website as well as the official Husserl Circle website regularly as new postings will gradually become available prior to the meeting. A "Husserl and Phenomenology Exhibit" will held at Dartmouth March 31-June 2, 2014 in the Baker-Berry Library.

For information about the conference and the exhibit, please visit: http://sites.dartmouth.edu/husserlcircle2014/

For more information, contact:
Smaranda Aldea
(603) 646-3738

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