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Dartmouth College Library Collections Showcase

If you're a member of the Dartmouth community, you probably have a stack of reading that you've been meaning to catch up on. But where to start? Help is on the way.

Tuesday, February 18, 2014
All Day
Baker-Berry Library
Intended Audience(s): Public
Categories: Exhibitions

If you're a member of the Dartmouth community, you probably have a stack of reading that you've been meaning to catch up on. Maybe you read reviews and add e-books to your tablet, thinking that you'll get in some great reading the next time you have a long trip. Perhaps you're a traditionalist and keep a stack of books on your bedside table or on the corner of your desk, or in somewhat neat piles on the floor in front of the already overflowing bookshelves in your office or at home... If one or more of these images seems guiltily familiar, you may not wish to have the Library top off your reading backlog with the 52,000-plus titles we purchased last year. Where to start?

Help is on the way. To whet your appetite, librarians have selected for your attention some new titles that offer something unexpected: a spotlight on a neglected master; a graphic novel on imagined and unimaginable loss; a calm, cogent voice slicing through hot debate; an accessible recounting of the history of the universe, from ancient galaxies to the discovery of water on Mars; and what's for lunch. And much more.

For the most part, this selection of 2013 titles is readable by all members of that delightful French book review class called "the cultivated public." This, of course, is you. We hope that you find something delectable that you might not have heard about otherwise.

-Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Librarian for Information Resources

Contributors to Dartmouth College Library Collections Showcase: 

Jill Baron, Librarian for Romance Languages & Latin American Studies 
Laura Braunstein, Librarian for English and Writing 
John Cocklin, Librarian for Economics and Social Sciences Data 
Pat Fisken, Head of Paddock Music Library 
Bill Fontaine, Librarian for Philosophy & Religion 
Laura Graveline, Visual Arts Librarian 
Lucinda M. Hall, Librarian for Human Geography, Cartography & Maps, Television & Radio 
Elizabeth Kirk, Associate Librarian for Information Resources 
Fran Oscadal, Librarian for History, Government, General Social Sciences 
Jane Quigley, Head of Kresge Physical Sciences Library 
Jay Satterfield, Special Collections Librarian, History of the Book Selector 
Peggy Sleeth, Associate Director, Information Resources, Biomedical Libraries 
Reinhart Sonnenburg, Librarian for German, Classics, and Linguistics 
Amy Witzel, Librarian for African & African American Studies, Anthropology, Education, Native American Studies, Sociology, and Women & Gender Studies 
Nien Lin Xie, Librarian for East Asian Studies 
Shirley Zhao, Physical Sciences Librarian

Exhibit & poster design: Dennis Grady, Library Education & Outreach

Baker Main Hall: January 20 - February 28, 2014
Berry Main Street: January 20 - March 28, 2014

For more information, contact:
Andrea Bartelstein

Events are free and open to the public unless otherwise noted.