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Science Pub at Salt hill: Our Changing Climate

Discussion leaders include Alden Adolph, Ph.D. Candidate, Thayer School of Engineering

Thursday, October 17, 2013
Salt hill Pub, 2 W. Park St., Lebanon, NH
Intended Audience(s): Public

We've all heard the predictions – warmer average temperatures, earlier and wetter springs, less snow. But exactly how will those climate change predictions affect the Upper Valley our grandkids experience? Certainly diminishing snowfall will affect the ski industry – but does snow represent other values for New Englanders? Scientists say it does, and one reason for that is something called albedo. Its literal meaning is whiteness, and it describes the complicated feedback loops involving reflected snow. Will our grandkids climb maple trees or will we learn to love birch syrup? How will our forests and land use change? Will spring still bring the sound of the wood thrush? Will the tomato-growing season get better?

Discussion Leaders: Richard Howarth, Professor of Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College; David Lutz, Postdoctoral Research Associate, Environmental Studies, Dartmouth College; Alden Adolph, Ph.D. Candidate, Thayer School of Engineering

In this video, Alden Adolph discusses her work studying snow albedo as part of New Hampshire EPSCoR's "Ecosystems and Society" project focusing on the effect of climate change on local communities.

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