Frequently Asked Questions

Updated May 9, 2020 at 8:19 a.m.


We will continue to update this FAQ to address inquiries from the Dartmouth community and from the general public. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to evolve in our area and throughout the world, questions will be added and answers updated as new information becomes available.

Please see these special sections for more in-depth information:


How will I know when new information is available?

Important community messages are sent by email to all students, faculty, and staff and posted on this website in the Community Messages section. Additionally, they are featured on Dartmouth News, in the news section of Vox Daily, and on our social media channels—FacebookTwitter, and Instagram.

Is Dartmouth open?

Dartmouth is open. However most students have gone home, and many faculty and staff are working from home. Those employees still working on campus are following social-distancing guidelines and hygiene recommendations from the CDC.

In accordance with recommendations from the federal government, Dartmouth is limiting gatherings on campus.  All in-person, on-campus events and activities have been canceled through spring term. Events may be streamed/held virtually.

Athletic facilities, the Dartmouth Library system, and the Hood Museum of Art are closed. All events at the Hopkins Center for the Arts have been postponed or canceled. Access to buildings is limited to only those employees who are performing necessary duties.

How many people at Dartmouth have tested positive for COVID-19?

To date, eight individuals on our campus have tested positive for COVID-19.

Are admissions tours and interviews being offered?

Admissions tours are suspended. Virtual tours are available on the undergraduate admissions website.

Will commencement and reunions take place this year?

Commencement ceremonies have been postponed. We are working with student representatives and others across campus to review alternative dates and will be consulting with members of the senior class to determine the ideal time and program. We expect to lock in a specific date by the end of May, so that students and families can have a full year to plan and make the travel arrangements. Graduate and professional school investiture ceremonies will be rescheduled for appropriate dates to be determined by the school deans. The postponement of our commencement and investiture ceremonies will in no way delay the conferring of earned degrees in June for graduates. On June 14 of this year, Dartmouth will host a virtual event to mark the awarding of undergraduate and advanced degrees. Details on that special online gathering will be forthcoming. Learn more about 2020 Commencement.

There will be alternative plans for reunions this year. The Alumni Relations team is working with each reunion class to develop virtual reunion programming for classes to enjoy in lieu of the traditional on-campus events. 

Will summer athletics camps take place? Will Osher and other outside groups be able to use Dartmouth facilities for their summer programs?

While we have not made decisions about the summer months, at present all events, performances, and activities on campus have been cancelled through spring term. Spring term classes end on June 3.