Campus Operations

Updated March 31, 2020, 5:44 p.m.

Campus Billing and DartCard Services (including Cashiers Office) Update, March 31, 2020

Effective March 25, 2020 Campus Billing and DartCard Services and the Cashier's Office will not have open office hours. The office will continue to be available via phone, video calls, and email during standard business hours and by appointment for activity that requires an in-person visit. Deposits for cashiers can be put in the box in the cashier's door in McNutt and will be processed. More information: [email protected], 603-646-3230; [email protected], 603-646-3724; [email protected], 603-646-2433; [email protected], 603-646-3899.

Dartmouth Printing and Mailing (DPMS) Update, March 31, 2020

DPMS, located in Centerra Park, is not open to the public but continues to provide services and meet the printing and mailing needs of all Dartmouth schools and alumni. Email [email protected] or call 646-2642 to speak with a representative.

Finance Office Update, March 31, 2020

Office staff, located at 7 Lebanon St., will continue to be available via phone, video calls, and email during standard business hours and available in the office during limited hours on Wednesdays, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

Hinman Mail Update, March 31, 2020

Hinman Mail Services will continue to deliver mail Monday through Friday. If your building has restricted access or is closed, contact Monica Godfrey for alternatives to having mail delivered to the building. If you are working remotely and your building is locked or unstaffed, and you receive mail directly from the Hanover Post Office, make arrangements with the post office to hold the mail. Have your USPS mailing address when you make this request.

For deliveries: Cancel outstanding deliveries; redirect deliveries to your home if there is a legitimate business purpose to do so, with the exception receiving hazardous materials, chemicals of any kind, or radioisotopes. Direct other shipments to Central Stores if there is no other alternative; pick-up or delivery to your building will take place when the building is staffed. Central Stores address: Dartmouth College, Central Stores, 3 Morgan Dr., Lebanon, N.H. 03766 (phone: 603-646-3289). Hinman Mail does not have the space to hold packages for departments. Central Stores has offered to assist in receiving, and the mail and delivery team will assist with deliveries.

Office of Human Resources Update, March 31, 2020

Effective March 23, 2020 the office will not conduct business in person. The office will continue to be available via phone, video calls, and email during standard business hours and will pick up documents and mail on Tuesday and Friday afternoons. New employees who need to complete an I-9 form should email or call to schedule a 20-minute video call appointment within the first three days of work, [email protected], 603-646-3411. Employees who need to re-verify their I-9 form should email Dartmouth Payroll or call 603-646-2697 to schedule a 20-minute video call prior to expiration of the I-9 form.

Payroll Office Update, March 31, 2020

Effective March 25, 2020 the office will not have open office hours. The office will continue to be available via phone, video calls, and email during standard business hours and by appointment for activity that requires an in-person visit. Documents and mail will be picked up on Wednesday and Friday. To reduce the need to retrieve and deposit a paper check, employees are encouraged to sign up for direct deposit and go paperless for paystubs. Paystubs are available electronically in employee self-service. Employees will receive an email when the paystub is available. Here is information on how to set up direct deposit and go paperless. More information: [email protected] or 603-646-2697.


Records Management has scaled back staffing and is able to provide limited scan on demand services. Scan requests will be prioritized based on their critical need to support the ongoing operations. Visit Records Management for guidelines on requesting files for delivery. Requests for files to be scanned should be made through RMS Online in the same manner as requesting a physical file for delivery. When making a request, fill out the special instructions box if the entire file should be scanned or just a specific document in the file. Requests for the entire file will require that staples, notes, and paper clips be removed prior to scanning.

Campus Events and Activities, March 31, 2020

All in-person, on-campus events and activities have been canceled through spring term. Events may be streamed/held virtually. Because Dartmouth holds commencement and reunions in mid-June, a decision has not yet been made on changes to these events. A decision will be announced before April 10 on whether these activities are to be held on campus at their scheduled times.

Admissions Office, March 31, 2020

Admissions tours are suspended, and on-campus Dimensions events have been cancelled. Virtual tours are available.

DINING SERVICES Update, March 27, 2020

Dartmouth Dining Services has been taking steps to safeguard our community above and beyond our standard hygiene practices, including eliminating all self-service dining options; providing staff with hand-washing stations, sanitizer, gloves, and safety guidance at all self-service food areas; and personally greeting all customers before they enter busy locations to help emphasize proper sanitization. See more information on Dining Services.

Title IX Office Update, March 25, 2020

The office continues to be available to all members of the community while we pursue our work remotely. Reports can be made directly to the office via email or phone, and meetings can be held on Zoom. Dartmouth is committed to a safe and welcoming environment—even when that environment is virtual. Informal and formal remedies, including but not limited to no-contact orders, academic adjustments, and formal investigations are available in a prompt and fair manner. See the website for more information and to reach staff.

Hood Museum Suspending Programming UPDATE, MARCH 25, 2020

The Hood Museum of Art has closed its galleries and suspended all group and public programming through May 8, pending further review. Please continue to check the Hood Museum website for updates.

Parking Policy Update, March 24, 2020

Beginning immediately, employees who remain working on campus may park in any Dartmouth parking lot, except the Massachusetts and Dartmouth Row lots, where Green permits are still required. Reserved spaces in all lots are available only to the assigned department or individual.

From April 1 through June 30, employees will not be charged to maintain their current parking permit. Payroll deductions for parking will be stopped and refunds will be issued to those who have pre-paid for the period by credit card, cash, or check. Parking fees are deducted from payroll the month following the activity, so you will still see a deduction in the first pay period of April for March fees.

Students who remain on campus should park in their assigned locations, without charge, for the same period--April through June. Transportation Services will refund those students who have pre-paid for the period.

Employees and students newly parking on campus from April through June, 2020, should still contact Transportation Services at [email protected] in order to register their vehicle and receive an assigned permit.

Contractors, vendors, and service providers who are working on campus should continue parking in assigned locations. Project and hiring managers must continue to contact Transportation Services to submit new parking requests, following existing policy.

Dartmouth Library Update, March 17, 2020

All of the libraries that are in the Dartmouth library system will close beginning March 18, 2020, and remain closed until further notice. The library will be modifying standard services and suspending access to its spaces. See detailed updates on library services and spaces.

Library staff will continue to support Dartmouth faculty and students remotely across disciplines throughout the upcoming spring term, including through Zoom and on telephone appointments. Details about the library's support for remote teaching and learning can be found at Librarians will be in touch with faculty to discuss plans to support courses and research during spring term. 

Athletics closings update, March 17, 2020

The Athletics Department will close Alumni Gymnasium (including the Zimmerman Fitness Center, West Gym, and Karl Michael Pool), the Berry Sports Center (including the racquet courts) and the Boss Tennis Center beginning tomorrow. FLIP classes will also be canceled after today. Facilities will be reopened as soon as it is safe to do so. All members will be notified with updates via email as facilities become available. 

Collis Center and Robinson Hall Update, March 17, 2020

The Collis Center and Robinson Hall have been closed in order to support social distancing and facilitate remote work for professional staff.

Hopkins Center for the Arts cancellations, March 17, 2020

The Hop is postponing or canceling all events scheduled to take place before May 31, 2020. Ticket holders to all canceled or postponed performances are being contacted by the Hop Box Office. The list of postponed events, as well as the status of upcoming Hop performances is available on the event status page. The Hop team is working with artists, colleagues, students and collaborators to find ways to "gather" through remote means.

Dartmouth Skiway Closing

Dartmouth Skiway has curtailed its mountain operations for the remainder of the 2019-2020 season, effective March 15. The Skiway will have limited staff on hand to conduct non-skiing business such as lease equipment returns, Wednesday through Saturday from 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., through April 4. Should you be unable to return the equipment during this period, please email the Dartmouth Skiway at [email protected] or call 603-795-2143.

Facilities Cleaning

In accordance with CDC guidance, Facilities Operations in early February began increasing the disinfection of high-touch areas on campus. These include door entrance and egress hardware, classroom and other public furniture such as desks, tabletops, and the backs of chairs, stairway hand rails, and public water fountains. The disinfectant used has been reviewed by Dartmouth's Environmental Health and Safety department and is effective in killing the coronavirus on a hard surface. Custodians are trained in how to use the disinfectant and are required to wear the appropriate personnel protective equipment when applying the disinfectant.

Posting of COVID-19-Related Expenses

Activity/Subactivity Combinations for Transactions Related to COVID-19:

  • 766007-Extraordinary Circumstances, 1004-Coronavirus; to be used for student-related expenses
  • 346202-Emergency Operations, 1004-Coronavirus; to be used for all other expenses

These values should only be used for incremental costs or refunds of revenue that are unique to coronavirus preparation, mitigation or other activities or actions that have been approved by the Dartmouth COVID-19 Task Force or one of the related working groups.  Examples include costs related to quarantine that would not otherwise have been incurred, extraordinary costs related to student travel, and refunds in revenues including tuition, and room and board (including any related reduction of scholarship). These activity/subactivity values should be used with the relevant department's org value and funding value.

These values should not be used for expenses such as travel that has been canceled or expenses related to on-campus activities that have been canceled or postponed (which may or may not have lost revenue associated with them).  These are costs that are incurred in the normal course of a department's operations and should be charged to the chart string that those costs would normally be charged to.  For these types of expenses, departments and divisions should use best efforts to identify the expenses or lost revenues attributable to COVID-19 during their Q3 projections. Examples of things that should not be charged to the above activities/subactivities include:

  • Overtime costs for employees required because other team members are sick
  • Supplies such as hand sanitizers that a department decides to purchase
  • Items needed for operation of business continuity plans (laptops, etc.)

If you have questions about whether it is appropriate to use the established COVID-19 activity/subactivity values, please contact Dianne Ingalls.