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Dartmouth experts are available to speak with journalists on a range of election-related topics, including polling numbers, public opinion, voting rights, and political polarization.

Media Relations Contacts:
Amy Olson
David Hirsch

Politics and History

Mia Costa
gender ∙ political behavior ∙ voter mobilization

Matthew F. Delmont
African-American history  U.S. history   Black Lives Matter  civil rights

Linda L. Fowler
Congressional elections ∙ Congressional oversight of U.S. foreign policy ∙ N.H. presidential primary ∙ female candidates ∙ presidential vetoes ∙ gerrymandering

Michael Herron
voting procedures and election administration ∙ absentee ballots/mail-in ballots ∙ ballot abnormalities and residual votes ∙ voter fraud

Dean Lacy
elections∙ public opinion ∙ political parties and interest groups ∙ Congress ∙ the presidency

Nicholas Miller
nuclear proliferation ∙ international security ∙ U.S. foreign policy

Russell Muirhead
conspiracy theories and American democracy · partisanship and ideology · ideas and institutions in American constitutional democracy · American political thought

Brendan Nyhan
democracy in the U.S. · misinformation and conspiracy theories ∙ political communication and the media-political scandal

Sean Jeremy Westwood
voting behavior · voter fraud · political behavior · polarization · partisan violence · public opinion

Richard A. Wright
U.S. immigration · migration · race and racism in labor and housing markets


Patricia M. Anderson
unemployment insurance · labor markets · food insecurity · child obesity and economics

Douglas A. Irwin
U.S. trade policy · globalization · the impact of trade deals on jobs and the U.S. economy

Andrew Levin
COVID-19 and fatality rates by age · interest rates · the Federal Reserve Board · macroeconomics and monetary policy

Andrew Samwick
taxation · budget policy · Social Security

Jonathan Skinner
COVID-19 & hospital admissions · economics of healthcare · Medicare

Charles J. Wheelan
electoral process reforms, choice voting and independent redistricting · public policy · accessible economics · accessible statistics · strategic communication

Eric W. Zitzewitz
financial market reactions during the presidential campaign · investments · elections · forecasting


Herschel Nachlis
health politics and policy · Food and Drug Administration (FDA) · pharmaceutical regulation, therapeutics, vaccines, and COVID-19 · U.S. public policy · U.S. regulatory politics

Elliott Fisher
COVID-19 and U.S. mapping of the pandemic · healthcare quality and cost· Medicare


Randall Balmer
religion & the White House · the religious right · evangelicalism · American religious history